The Bad Mother

January 31, 2015 Susan Grifin 0

The bad mother wakes from dreams of imperfection trying to be perfection. All night she’s engineered a train too heavy with supplies to the interior. She fails. The child she loves has taken on bad habits, cigarettes maybe even drugs. [+]

Pablo Neruda |Canto General

January 30, 2015 The Editor 0

Canto General es el décimo poemario de Pablo Neruda, publicado por primera vez en México, en los Talleres Gráficos de la Nación, en 1950, y que empezó a componer en 1938. [+]

A World of My Own

January 30, 2015 Justin Álvarez 0

When I was a kid, I would spend hours drawing maps of fictional towns. Sometimes, it would start with a river running down the page; other times, a mountain. [+]