Rasta vanilla ice buay

An blaxican half dost

Want tief Nica cost cultcha

Deal wit dem fa lose

Want pay de musician dem wit weed

An explotar dem image

While dem tif de money

Dem farm pact in Managua

Wit Sandinista blood-magazin

Far Babylon dem hav control

An sell we fa dictadura

In de States de gial dem

No a take dem, dem is loser

De licu one is like enano he

Can’t neva get no gial in States.

Here dem tink we ignorant

An believe dem ladronada

Dem want explotar we poverty

And no even pay taxes.

A vex wit dem papa Bush

So dem a pair up wit Sandinista

No care if dem all is murda

If it going help dem own


Want bring disgrace

And make artist be dem peluche

Want deal in secrecy

No want eyes for count

the coastman pay.