Untitled by Julio Godoy
Painting by Julio Godoy

Me de was roun Old Bank cancha, relaxing de evening nice, play one basket, take dog lotion and tamrine far heat-up me belly. “…I love you like a fat kid love cake” sound music from hyndai taxi mp3 wat pass sluo de turn. Plenty song, different you know, play in de barrio all de people dem swear dem can hear dem ting trangkilo.

Yesterday I de see one nice liki ting like this hour, young nurse… Queen in Horatio in 2000; she look sweet in Costa Vision, dem a carry de gal dem by Walpatara and film dem giving dem sexy style. My secan, Darby burn de ting in one DVD far me.

I de wan carry this gial one place I de got by Pointeen under one bicha tree like pic-nic, grind pic-nic. One time in 4 Brodda we dance right like weeda juke… she move soft with she ripe papaya.

I got news for you, I got news for you
That I am over you, I’m not in love with you
Been trough de fire, trough da rain but I lived
To love again.

Dark like night sky, tight generous bunka and stiff bobbie, bicha lip an pritty honey eye. When we de in Colon one focka what was me friend have traido whit she brodda and he kill me poor cuñado. I de have color for go wit dem crew. Buay, in Bluefields people talk you get one fame you neva lose it. Dem a know Peter rude. Him is gangsta, deal wit Babylon an him mama feel shame.

She was liki gial when it happen, liku Debbie Hodgson in de primary. One day she juicy woman. And I go far ship out. I return December and see she wit one young buay one Chinese-Black, she have sexy short leopard skirt an tiny black top, what drape on she breezy nipple. Plenty people pass an top you far brief secan, I still de look you from de bar and shadow, gone.

That same time for New Year I pass by she mama church an de roquita recognize me, and find de devil in me eye. I de feel curse from when I was foolish. Debbie no got discrimination, she feel me sorrow for she brodda Earl, even if I neva get for know him. I love she and we life have tragedy.

We have we ting hide, like we doing bad ting. She get for meet me children dem call her auntie, dem no sell dem papa. In de beginning I de have next meat but I get for no want next woman. Keyla, me son Kent mama, tell me Debbie give me panty wata.

When I de out in the sea, I hear plenty story like de one dem tell in Bluefields, Hatian man, Jamaican, Dominican all dem have dem someting. One man give me one liki black rock what I rub on me cock an it stay stiff plenty hour. I hear one uol man in Cotton Tree have two-week erection and dem have to carry him Managua.

One hatian man, Jean, was de tough man in voo-doo. Him say when him is in de jungle him convert to tiger or monkey. One time we was in we bunk him axe me for me one true love, name. Him write Debbie on one paper and burn it, grab de ash and spread on me hand, I whipe de dust and read “Debbie” on me palm.

Jean den de say: “Chen gen kat pat, se yon sèl chemen li fè“. And pass me violet makwa string for me journey. I go In the jungle I find de tree what is part and hollow far lure one makwa. With drumbeat I de dance for de spirit an make dem carry the bird here from heaven rainbow. I done do it baby, we going heal and create new life, an you family going get far understan, I de get de get we soul blessing, we irie.