Energy Leopard |~Prife7


¡Sweets sounds!  ¡Lovely sounds!
¡ Strange sounds! All kind of sounds far down the bush!
This the sounds of a treasure Language,
¡Language!  ¡Rama our treasure language!

¡Tiger language! ¡Kruubu parnga, kruubu saala!
And kruubu all the way.
¡Ho how many are there!
In Indian River, Indian sii arii taara, Ai arii taara in Suula Ipang,
¡ Find them, talk to them! Kruubu language, tiger language.

Ngulkang soup, rundown so nice,
Old kuirku, no one wants them so much.
Bleera saala, waukling and mista ulinguling,
This ugly sound.
Ngaliis, paalpa, kuuli, ngarbing, saliuk and paalpa,
Also makes you soft noise.

¡Ngaraak,  Ngaraak! That Lang tail maka, green yellow colors
¡Nguliik, nguliik!, see them fly over the mountain!  ¡Green Mountain! Green parrots.
Butku the peaceful pigeon, sing us the posol is ready,
Ai airi ready.

Roust raukrauk and muupi,
Dashing and samuu, rundown we cook them.
Famous tapuung, strange mere salpka…
More sounds you want?  Guaan, deep down the bush!