The Golden Ribbon

The Golden  Ribbon  by Achen089

The Golden Ribbon by Achen089

I was spun from sunlight,
starlight made me. I was
sown of silk, a firefly’s
lifeline stitched golden.

Dyed and dried, weaved
& smoothed and soothed
‘til I shimmered soaring,
an eaglet’s feather never

softer, I was stripped and
measured, snipped & slip-
ped into service, my purpose
to adorn, to heighten, en-
hance – I was born beau,

elegance born of starlight:
on a haberdashery’s high
shelf I stopped. I waited,
shining for all who came

by, until maternal fingers
took me, tied me ‘round
cold bare bark, hoisting
flowers for passing cars.

About James Bruce May
Writer and musician based in London. James Bruce May tudied creative writing on Goldsmiths' MA course, and before that at Greenwich University. he also studied music, down by the beach in Brighton, but nowadays it's writing that takes up most of his time.