It was my first time in a first class airline, I have just landed a scholarship to go and study international relations and communication arts in france where my most prestigious league;  located and my best club site Paris Saint Germain is situated right in the heart of the capital of France.

The chief steward came out of the flight deck and walked through the darkened first class cabin to the galley that partitioned it from the economy class. We will be in 30mins early ,” said he. In the opposite corner are the young american photographer and his young wife who is evidently french going by the way and manner in which she spoke the english language. Many other faces recur to thought, but it was impossible to describe them all,but a particular face could not have escaped my mind. Walking towards my direction was a fair-haired pultrichidinous young lady of medium height emerged from nowhere filling up the glasses with juice, I wondered what her duty was, then I recollected there is usually a name called a steward and a stewardess in the plane based on my previous research,like the general saying in my place ” warri no dey carry last” I quickly comported myself. She was arrogantly pretty, her beauty could scare one off the edge of the seat,I was startled for like a minute inhaling her body perfume as if she were one of those beings of the ancient classic fable that lived upon sweat odours. She glanced at her watch ” the meal will be ready in twenty minutes” said she, with her sonorous voice that came forth as it were like a gush of music and with a mirthful expression half-angelic and half human-like.

“bonjour, ladies and gentlemen. It is 8:30am, french time ! It is with utmost joy to let you know that we will get to paris our destination point in forty minutes ahead of schedule, we will now begin the serving of the breakfast. Said the steward. Being my first time in the plane,and due to my keen desire for more knowledge and adventurous character I have always imagined how the clouds will look like even at the level of proximity while in the plane, but to my surprise there was nothing to see as everything was enclosed by the thick cloud cover while the penchant observation was on-going, I was gently touched, being a sharp warri boy I quickly recompose my position and turned to see whom the anonymous caller was,whao!its the stewardess whom I had a strong crush on.” Good morning, Mr.”, “did you have a good rest?” said she! Within a speed of light I was already blushing and stooped without a response, as I was lost in a trance of illusionistic impressionism due to her glamorous presence. My eyes could not detach off Her pointed mongoloid nose which was perfectly built on her tender face on a long positioned neck that looked like the ancient magnificent edifice of the renaissance period. At last,I broke the jinx and a response came out speedily” Not bad”. But still I couldn’t stop staring at this beautiful creature made from God’s own image, I concluded that this particular creature would have taken Him a longer time to carve. Then I proceeded, “its being cool , so far I have enjoyed the hospitality to the fullest.”

Right there at that moment I knew I had caught a glimpse of a rapacious expression. The lady was astonished at my speech delivery because it was pure , without any trace of an african accent despite my appearance which was typically african. I had rehearsed perfectly how the europeans spoke, so it was a smooth discussion for me.”Would you like some coffee now?” She asked as she lowered the serving tray in this process I mistakenly stumbled at her breast bone , you couldn’t have imagined what I saw,the skin was so succulent and mild, I quickly restructure my viewpoint and answered “of course. The stewardess wore a beaming smile, my brain was spinning rapidly on the inside,but still my eyes were fixed on her ,at each rise and fall of the coverlet her lips moved as the scintillating jesting gist continued. I wish we had more time to discuss, deep down in my heart I have found my oyinbo love. Will this dream of mine come through as fast as this?Well I hope it panned out successfully.

Then suddenly the horrible voice came echoing strongly in my ears , ”fasten your seat belt the plane will be landing shortly”. Immediately looking out the window the ground rushed up to meet the airplane . While squinting through the window, I quickly turned wearing a beaming smile just to collect her digits before alighting,then the most shocking moment of my life came, I never saw her, she was already gone! I was dumbfounded for a while , my heart was deeply cut inside, I checked everywhere for my oyinbo love but all effort to no avail, every passenger on board began to alight , as if fortune will smile at me I still continued in the search, all chances in getting her looks barricaded and bleak. When I finally got down from the plane , I was just strolling like the renowned strolling minstrels that made wave in the dark-age theatre. It was now dawn on me that I had misused the great opportunity I had,I felt the influence of an intelligible power by the discussion which I had opened with the lady, but surprisingly I also forgot her name . I paused for a while thinking !could she have been a mermaid spirit?, because all possible means to reach her at this point was so difficult, she is no where to be found, but I had already loved up. Now hope and dread kept a continual warfare in my heart alternately vanquishing one another and starting up afresh to renew the contest.

Clumsy permutations began to cloud my head like the glummy honey that cripples the wings of its labourer-bee, All of these was flashing down my memory lane then I forged ahead to clear my mind of the clouds of indefinitude,until I got to the checking point right before me was the immigration officer who looked up at me in awe as I passed my passport to him . ” You are french?” He asked. I quickly formulated a facade smile. Not at all sir” . I thought you were french” said he . ” I am a nigerian , and this is my first visit to this country. Said I”. He smiled and stamped the passport pushing it back to me .” Welcome “he said. I picked up the pass and went ahead to collect my luggage. After passing through all the hurdles at the airport, I came out and was amazed at the glamorous city right in front of me, it was a stark contrast to the structure we had at my home town where intense hustling and bustling was the order of the day. I said to myself” I have arrived As I was about getting into a cab, to locate the university I was being posted to,like a flash.

I noticed someone that looked exactly like the stewardess I met in the plane,I never gave up on my found love,I decided in making a spasmodic effort then I sped in motion towards the lady but to my surprise on getting to where she was standing it turned out to be the wrong person, I was dismayed the second round, instantly I quickly formed a slight accession of cheerfulness,I said” hi” to the anonymous person,rather than getting a warm response, I saw an expression of an arrogantly hungry lion looking for whom to devour,I never knew I was currently speaking to a psychologically defected lady, immediately I altered my direction! At this juncture,I realized my hopes in finding my oyinbo love was already crumbling like the walls of the constantinople empire of the 14th century. I shouted out loud ” where is my oyinbo love”.passersby noticed I was going insane merely looking at their expression,then the electrifying chase came from the lunatic,the rate at which I ran was amazing it was as if another Usain Bolt was about to be made. The chase went on.