Stone Flower by Navanna

La Piedra Florece

March 25, 2014 Arjen Duinker 0

Sus flores son multicolores. Coloreadas cual las nubes al alumbrarlas la luna, Coloreadas como tus ojos, vida mía, Y cálidas. Coloreadas cual alegres ideas, [+]

The Bluebird

January 24, 2011 Arjen Duinker 0

The Bluebird, written directly in English by Arjen Duinker, was first published in Poetry Review (Volume 95:4, Winter 2005/6 – London). The Bluebird, read by Arjen Duinker and Kees ‘t Hart, was recorded (one take) by Freek Zonderland at DOK Delft (2008) The recording can be found also on CD in the Australian literary magazine Going Down Swinging (GDS 28, 2009 – Melbourne) [+]

A Poem

December 1, 2010 Arjen Duinker 0

It’s all right, You did your work, gardener, And so did you, hundred-year-old captain. And you, carer of the sick, you did your work too. e content with that, be glad, Take a rest and begin again. [+]